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purple circus

A benefit for Tellurian, Inc.

Purple Circus is a performance reaching across a mixed variety of movement arts. From aerial arts to dance to flow arts to contortion, let us take you on an adventure to another dimension. Purple Majesty has lost his ability to create music and so he calls out to the cosmos for answers. And the cosmos respond. Two magical creatures come to find Purple Majesty on Earth and lead him to their world, The Cosmic Circus. Here Purple Majesty will meet a long list of fantastical alien creatures who are all in awe of him. They put on a performance to show Purple Majesty just how much he has inspired their art and lives. In the end, Purple Majesty will discover what he was missing. True friendship.


A story of adventure of inspiration, movement, and song with a rhyming narrative. Inspired by the music of Prince and the writings of Dr. Seuss. A show suitable for all ages! Come one, come all, to the Cosmic Circus!

Concept Manager/Writer/Creator/Producer: Luna Finn

Co-Producer: Breezi Perdue

Photos: Tona Williams

Lighting: Paul Schaefer

Performers: Amy Owen, Aria Forte, Breezi Perdue, Brenda Smage, Byron Barksdale, Caitlin Olewinski, Carly Schuna, Claire Moon, HJ Farr, Jess Clark, Liz Reynolds, Luella Shapiro, Luna Finn, Luv Seamon, Nick Ng, Sandra Newbury

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