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A North Carolina native and California transplant, Luna Finn was always considered a wanderer of sorts. So, it came as no surprise when she announced she would be running away with the circus. As a young adult, Luna moved from place to place in search of finding a spot she belonged. After travelling across the United States four times, living in five different states, and moving nine times, the one thing that consistently followed her was circus.

Since discovering circus at Burning Man 2010, Luna has worked all across the United States, learning every apparatus she could along the way. She has performed with various musical artists and in venues stretching from coast to coast. After working for many different companies, Luna decided to create her own community and started the circus collective DAM Circus. Luna also finds great joy in teaching aerial hammock, silks, and cube.

When Luna is not performing you can find her with her PSD pupperoni, Akira, and her husband Jaymes. Some of her other hobbies include: painting, chair dance, cooking, and listening to her favorite artist, Prince.

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Coachella Music Festival

The Edwardian Ball

Misfit Cabaret

Great Star Theater

Lightning in a Bottle

Justin Martin

The Glitch Mob

Ivy Lab


Corey Feldman

David Satori of Beats Antique

Berber SF

Electric Forest Festival


The Barrymore Theater

Highline Ballroom NYC



photo: Dan Kutler


photo: Robin Fadtke

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photo: Joe Nile


photo: Watchara Phomicinda

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