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picnic in the park

A fundraiser for Madison Parks.

Picnic in the Park is an annual fundraiser put on to benefit the Madison Parks.

"With this event, the Madison Park Foundation celebrates the remarkable history of the individuals that set the stage for our parks as we know them today. Our hope is to follow their lead by educating those about this history, advocating for the neighborhoods and embracing projects that make a positive impact on our residents creating a new legacy for the future."

Cosmic Circus Arts (Luna Finn) provided aerial bartenders, fire eating, stilt greeters, belly dancer, contortion, and a 5 act show (sling, contortion, aerial lotus, cane dance, and tissu).

Event Production: Event Essentials

Lead Circus Curator: Luna Finn

Photos: Tona Williams

Performers: Brenda Smage, Caitlin Olewinski, Jess Clark, Krista Hanley, Liz Reynolds, Luna Finn, Luv Seamon, Nika Rose, & Sierra Bowler

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