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dark age masquerade

Dark Age Masquerade (DAM) is a two act stage production that integrates elements of modern circus, neo burlesque, dance, and visual arts. 

As a collective, our main goal is to transport our audience members into a new, undiscovered world. Our characters will guide you on a quest through movement, storytelling, and music that touches on familiar struggles in modern times. By using themes in science fiction and fantasy, we believe that we can help some to understand how fantastical tales of wonder can be transferred to our current realm. Issues in identity and the lack of attention to the world around us, we hope to bring light to the problems that we see affecting people in their everyday lives.

The DAM crew seeks to develop growth as individual performers, as a collective, and as an overall theatrical production.

Concept Manager/Writer/Creator/Producer: Luna Finn

Co-Producer/CFO: Azadeh Weber

Photos: Robin Fadke, Frank Fuller, Dan Kutler, Scott Roberts

Lighting: Roger Pincombe

Performers: Alexa Von KickinFace, Anna Yanushkevich, Aria Belle, Cola Claret, Drago Nesa, Fischer Yan, Luna Finn, Jem Light, Luna Finn, Mega Gallagher, Qu'in de la Noche, Yoko Taketani

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