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cosmic expedition!

After a tough rejection for her quirky and out of this world designs, Juno wonders if she will ever find a place that people will accept her creations. Her journeys across Earth have only left her feeling lost, confused, and small. To her surprise, she is greeted by aliens who come to sweep her away to The Cosmic Circus. A land of bizarre and eccentric misfits, The Cosmic Circus exists as a place where the creative outcasts can live in peace and harmony. But things were not always so peaceful in the Cosmic Circus. An evil being once tried to bring darkness upon the land by collecting all the stars, extinguishing light from the universe forever. Juno does not know why she has been drawn to this place or why she feels so connected to it, but she is about to find out!

Creator/Producer/Choreographer/Writer: Luna Finn

Stage Manager: Qu'in de la Noche

Music Director: Razzvio

Head of Wardrobe: Ariel Tucker-Jones

Lighting and Sound: Alex Veterano

Performers: Ariel Tucker-Jones, Razzvio, Alexa Von KickinFace, Maia Montes-Walker, Mega, Anna Yanushkevich, Drago Nesa, Luna Finn, Cola Claret, Fischer Yan, Yoko Taketani, NJ Szweda

Ensemble Cast: Camille Yabut, Kat Laira, Amara Storm, Kimberly Hope, Gina Goldblatt, Codellia Rose, Ling Ling Lee, Jehan Khateeb

Photos: Robin Fatdke

Video: Kenny Hoff

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